Monday, January 28, 2013

Draft Quagmire

Here it is, time to rank those blithering idiots that want to be potential MLB players. The Mets are crying in their beer. Okay, I'm not a big lover of beer and wine gives me a massive headache after just one glass.  I do fancy rum or gin and they do make some very flavorful ones these days and this draft board deserves a full bottle outing. I swear the creation engine for the Mets was on drugs and not roids for sure when creating my board. We have four picks in the top 50 and I don't even see a top 10 prospect let alone one that might make a decent ML player one day.

How bad is it? I have 5 players ranked in the 80's overall, not so bad ya say.  Two of those are of quantifiable SS quality that might play a decent 3B if given a chance, a 2B that could play CF also but would probably make his home on the DL, a CF that could play no better than RF and a mascot hitting pitcher. Out of those, only 1 has the chance to actually make it to 80.

Follow that with 20 players gracing their presence in the 70's, two of them has been tossed out due to malfeasance and the rest could spend their entire career in the minors without attaining a 70 rating.

Draft strategy for the Mets is gonna be simple, tank the draft and push them into next years draft. Oh bloody hell, can't do that either as I don't even have enough "probablies" to make that work even.

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