Saturday, January 12, 2013

NL Preview

NL North

Chicago: And who is your daddy? I don't see them being stopped at all. Of course the players could always go out on strike. Is it true that Pat Suzuki is dating Hunni Boo Boo or Winnie the Pooh?

Cincinnati: They made the playoffs for the first time since the great Erff was in charge.  Expect another playoff appearance this season with a higher seed even.  Don't think they are strong enough to overtake the Cubs.

Pittsburgh: A perennial playoff team but I am not sure Benji Franco can keep their streak alive. Not a good sign when two Rule V players make the roster. Even worse, one is named Pokey, just makes me wonder where Gumby is hiding.

Milwaukee: Desi Guerrero is smiling as he made the roster. Don't look now, might have ROY written on his forehead, then again the nurse might be holding his hand instead.  The Brew Crew actually looks in tip top shape this season. Highly disheartening when ST started out with two shut out loses.

NL East

Atlanta: No one is brave enough to stop them. This season they look even better than the Cubbies.

New York: After back to back 85 win seasons, the best they can hope for is a third and that  is seriously doubtful.  Pitching is a sore subject and moving back to Shea probably won't help.

Louisville: Improving but have some holes but should have a better season than last. Could easily find their way into second place but a playoff spot is iffy.

Philadelphia: Still in rebuild mode but have a few talented youngsters making their way. Pat Hill's nickname is Hank and does a great Boomhauer impression well actually imitation
is more like it.

NL South

Mexico City: They look strong enough, yup me thinks so, to end the Florida rain.  Though I am not 100 percent sure of that as the pitching could cause some issues.

Florida: Still as strong as ever, well almost. Ivan the Terrible is back and will get closer to the 400 win plateau. Lets face it, the youngsters are not as good and the vets, well they are aging. They won the crown without Ivan so we still give them a fighting chance.

St. Louis: Too many youngsters to be an imposable threat but the rebuild moves forward. Another season or so then look out.

Houston: Lets face it, they will be better than last year. The minors are marshaling so maybe next season they become a team to upset the old apple cart.

NL West

Arizona: They became the first division winner other than Salem in 9 seasons last year. Can they do it again? I wouldn't count them out. My thinking is that they are actually a stronger team than last seasons squad. First they have to prove they can beat Salem (pseudo Los Angeles) again. Plus they have to face some up and cumming division foes.

Salem...err.. Los Angeles: Am not ruling them out in a title run. The pitching staff and offense are still good enough to see the job through. I thought Rick over the Hill might be a stretch to play 1B, but money ball says he will do just fine.

San Francisco: Never know what to expect in the land of Giants. This season is no exception in that rule. Last year it looked like a tank, yet this season looks to be going for the gold. Now, will the play like gold or turn their hands green with envy.

San Diego: It actually takes a well thought out and put together team to play here. The owner has the right idea, just not sure the mix has the right consistency yet.

Best Guess:

1. Atlanta
2. Chicago
3. Mexico City
4. Arizona
5. Los Angeles
6. Florida

Teams that will make a lot of noise: Cincinnati, San Francisco

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