Friday, January 4, 2013

Rule V Draft

I didn't have my hopes set very high until I saw the roster and licked my chops as there must be something worth having after seeing all those high overalls. OOh, was I sorely mistaken. An hour of searching high and low yielded 1 player and he will go in the top 3 I would assume.

My board looks like this:

1. Cookie Mijares: Originally I thought he should have been protected but after some pondering I decided he will never be ML material. His control will probably get better, splits are rather dismal and maybe a little growth but not much and really only has one pith, highly over-rated.

2. Jim Conner: Might be the best player in the draft and should have been protected. Could make someone a good 3B/RF and so-so at other positions. Hitting isn't great but good enough that he could stick at the ML level.

3. Boots Rivera: AHHH HAH I thought until I saw that dismal glove that only a 1B could make. Hitting could be interesting.

4. Neil Diaz: Fingers crossed that he could grow some in the split department until I saw the health. He isn't ready and probably never will be.

5. Tony Takada: Plays a dismal 1B and hitting could be an adventure even with the upper mid range power.

6. Juan Chavez: Looks good until you get to the pitch department where he will serve up a lot of gopher balls.

7. Alberto Estrada: I liked this kid, has room for growth and has the ability. Then I looked at the health, but for $400K he could be worth a shot and not go on the DL for sun stroke.

8. Sammy Brown: Speaking of over-rated....a mascot killer in disguise. Think I need to have a talk with my scouts.

9. Carlos Franco: Don't expect anything in improvement, maybe a trickle. A lifetime AAA player if you ask me.

10. Bubba Winn: Maxed out in too many places to see any improvement and the health isn't very exciting either.

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