Sunday, July 7, 2013

FA Market Showdown

A flurry of Free Agent signings have our way come, so who were the winners and losers.

Quinton Payton found a new home in Boston with a nice fat check for 5 years. Can the well endowed ($12.5M) QPie doll keep his rockets in the stadium and off the Green Monster? PF Flyer will take the blame if it doesn't work out.

Mal decided to put a few stones in the socks of Jim Matthews to keep him hoppin. The aging vet signed a four year deal for $7.5M. We bet heavily there is a Team Option for the 4th.

Mal further put his balls on the chopping block by signing Benji Franco to a 5 year deal worth $11.3M.

 George Atkins went home to where it all began as he signed a $5.8M 3 year with Team Option deal which was comparatively cheap with the Mets.

The Giants went high handed with Michel Delgado as he netted a tidy little sum near $48M for 5 years. Not sure about this one for a SS poser but should be able to hit in Candlestick.

Pepper Murton was sure winner as he signed a 3 year deal for $3.2M. Run out of New York for not being able to throw out runners but can handle the high profile staff in Toronto.

Artie Betemit made his way to the gold mines in Anaheim as he signed a near $40M deal for 5 years.

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