Friday, July 19, 2013

Holy Crap Batman IFA Market

Alex Olivares became the richest IFA ever  with a $32M paycheck from the Houston Astros. Moving into second on the real expensive list is Renyel Manuel of Cincy who got $30M a few years back.  So what did that kind of money but?  Well there are several ways to look at it, quality pitching has been real hard to come by for quite a few seasons now. Comparatively speaking though, well over priced. The first thing that strikes me is his age which causes me to mark a  demerit right off the bat.  Control can get better but not of expectations I think. Splits are already very good which had  good market appeal.  Pitches are decent and can get better with time but I am not sure they will be all that great.  Off-speed and probably neutral in the GB/FB category. Would he go as the #1 pick in the draft, depends but definitely the top 5.

Grade: A-

While the bidding war was going on, Dover signed Luis Mesa for $2.9M. Seems real cheap doesn't it, at least down to Earth.  Well, he is no pitcher and a poor excuse of a 1B if you ask me but could make his living as a DH I think. Does have a good eye, contact and power, hopefully the splits will be better.

Grade: C

David Escobar made headlines after signing a contract with St. Louis for $2.8M. What can he do besides hit the long ball? Absolutely, positively nothing! To a NL team none the less.

Grade: F+

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