Monday, July 29, 2013

The 30 Game Pretender Clause

So it is 30 games or so into the season already. Have the pretenders been put to bed and the real teams awoken? Strange things has been happening for sure.

NL North

The Cubs woke up after a slow start and have taken control. The Brewers are a shouldn't by winning good and losing bad. The Reds just can't get things going but are looking positive. The Pirates are having no luck, like a starter pitching 9 scoreless and hitless innings only to see the performance shattered in extra innings.

NL East

This division is a quagmire at the moment. The Mets have odoriferous offensive DL woes and a manager that forgot to reset the settings because of said issues. Finally calling on AAA to help solve the DL issue a little because John McInerney is stinking up the joint playing 2B. Phils started out hot but have retreated to the norm.  The Braves are on the warpath for a bit but haven't actually excited anyone. The Colonels move to Florida may be working but we are not sold on the idea this season. It is also confusing not seeing the team in the South.

NL South

Interesting things happening here as the pretenders went south. Mexico City got hot but got ballyhooed by the then slumping Mets and haven't recovered. That left an opening for the hot Cards who took advantage. The Astros are even making one of their patented moves in the wake of things. Ivan finally got his 400th win and is working on getting his 100th save and I do believe he will be the only pitcher with more than 200 wins and 100 saves to his credit. That is a great achievement for a relief pitcher.

NL West

These teams are mystifying to say the least. Winning a game at home is more than a relative struggle but put them on the road and they are death defying. What is going to happen here is any ones guess. Dodgers, D'Backs and Giants could wind up in a virtual tie the way things are going. The Padres all ordered NO-NO's but returned them when they found out it caused ED.

AL North

The Jays are playing great ball and the Tigers are playing like they were expected the last three seasons but didn't. The Expos were taken by surprise early but are on the move though winning at home is down right pathetic. The Twinkies are staying close but are well over-shadowed this season we think.

AL East

This division sorts itself out after All-Star break. Look for the Red Sox, Beetles and O's to have a share of first place at one point or another before the Sox pull away as usual. Meanwhile the Senators are stuck in committee one again.

AL South

Things have calmed down considerably with KC being a royal bitch. The Rangers are being mindful this season but seemingly get the job done with respect. Memphis is having a bit of a scheduling problem, 21 home games already.  They are having a tweeting good time as the newcomer figures things out in a most unusual world. The Heads are suppose to be Talking but is sounds more like jibberish.

AL West

The Sky Sox were dismayed last year because of their less than tantalizing start and vowed not to let it happen this year, so far so good. The A's could be repeating last years reprisal, staying close til the stretch then flounder. The Angels said they should win 101 games but hasn't gelled yet, think they slipped the banana peel into the jello instead. VC are just scratching their heads as they are stuck in neutral, pass them a crescent wrench and a bobby pin.

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