Wednesday, July 10, 2013

HOF Dilima

Here we are at HOF voting time once again. Getting players in is one of the toughest things there is to accomplish. This year is no exception for that matter as I am stuck. Here is the best potential candidates that I think are most deserving. It's a long list and I can only vote for 5...uggggh


Junior Bocachica

Nomar Cloud

Lee Coleman 

Luis Cruz

David Guardado

Bey Lynch

Javier Santayana

Charlie Stone


Kent Heredia

Orlando Ozuna 

Vinny Post

Paulie Sanders

Ken Shumpert 

Pascual Solano

My votes so far are:
Ozuna,  Solano, Shumpert, Coleman and Santayana

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Knucklebones Radio said...

Where's Spud Hoyt?? haha I'm glad to see Stone nominated.