Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Swami Speaks

Here we go again with our fearless predictions. I have my aluminum hat on to reduce incidental brainwave malfunctions and the sleuthing fur ball has her tail ready by mention of throngs. So away we go. It could be a tad early to start but the Rule 5 draft is a joke and only has a few so called backups for help.

NL North

Cubs still garner the first place votes.
Reds come in a close second this year and a Wild Card once again.
Pirates are good enough for third.
Brewers could end up in third and will be young and enthusiastic.

NL East

The Mets won last year with solid all-around play even with patchwork at the end of the season. They catch the tail wag for first by a hair. You know, every time I put the Mets in first the Braves win, go figure.

The Braves made some off-season acquisitions to strengthen the pen. Was it enough? Everything hinges on Tyreace French if you ask me.

Louisville had enough of the chicken jokes and moved to Florida. They are good but we think the pitching still needs help.

The Phillies continue to get better but the rebuild continues.

NL South

All out civil war has been declared! Mexico City waited til the Marlins floundered last year. Houston played well but not well enough. St Louis was a late newcomer to the fray but never wavered.  This year the Marlins are the Rays in Tampa Bay with a new owner. Now for the suggested outcome of the blood bath. EGADS!

Astros get the nod to win the division, surprised? Hey, it ends up a coin flip on a three way tie.

Mexico City and Tampa Bay both end up losers. Ask Mal how it feels to have a 94 win team and not make the playoffs.

St Louis ends up 5 games back and cries, whether there is any crying in baseball or not.

NL West

The Dodgers got off to a great start last year then rolled over and played dead. Arizona had a change in their schedule that may have helped their stance last year while the Giants just didn't have enough gas in their tank. Meanwhile the Padres were listening to the Dead Kennedys. Another nail biter to the end I am afraid.

Giants surprises the pack and winds up in first place.
The Dodgers are a close second at 1 game back.
The D'Backs get a simplified yawn and join the Padres to get drunk.

In the end:
1. Cubs once again with Suzuki leading the charge.
2. Astros
3. Mets
4. Giants
5. Reds
6. Dodgers/Rays/Diablos/Braves .....could be a heart breaker.

AL North

Somewhat of a surprise last year as the Expos rose from obscurity. What a difference a year makes.

Toronto Blue Jays all the way. Yup, you heard it first right here.

Expos in second and a probable Wild Card.

Twinkies will be back on the market to no avail here.

Detroit disappoints one more time.

AL East

The cry goes up "Will someone please STOP Boston!"

It may not have fallen on deaf ears this year. Okay, I am being stupid again.

Baltimore steals first place.

Boston hopelessly falls to second and a Wild Card to the chagrin of others.

Dover who lacks the pitching joins the Padres and D'Backs in a drunken fracus.

Washington holds down the cellar yet again.

AL South

Kansas City was a Royal pain as predicted last year and Texas being bad azz as per usual.  There is a different air this year however or is there.

Kansas City all the way to the second seed even.

Texas may hang on for a Wild Card.

Little Rock will show up for every game.

Memphis is in a big learning curve.

AL West

Anaheim had to fight off that crew from Colorado last yer for the title then got punched in the face by a bunch of Texas outlaws. This year we see the Mariners traveled south to Oakland in a surprising move and a new owner that moved Helena to Vancouver. Speaking of which, this could get down right ugly here also.

Anaheim should take first again.

Colorado Springs should be second.

Vancouver surprises Oakland and might just shock the rest also.

Oakland has a promising year shot to hell.

1. Kansas City
2. Anaheim
3. Toronto
4. Baltimore
5. Colorado
6. Boston/Texas/Vancouver

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