Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FA Market

Denny Boyd became a happy camper with the money he got from the Cubs. Is good at getting a team out of bad situations and the Cubs are banking on that.

Kirt Blasingame also chimed in with the Cubs. Cubs are really hoping for a better season than last years disappointment. Not sure he should be classified as a Type A myself.

Mel White got a 3 year deal in Vancouver and maybe more than he was worth.  He is pretty good at closing time, semisonic or not.

Victor Beltran made a tidy profit from Boston.  He was good at cleaning up Ivan's messes last year, in Boston it will be a different story as there may be too many messes to clean.

Tomas Ramirez is another that is laughing all the way to the bank.  Yes he is a GG CF and that was his appeal but hitting may not be so appealing in Detroit.

Moises Valdes as a Type A might have been a joke and playing COF might even be a bigger one and his salary even bigger. One thing for sure is he can get on base and  that one little tidbit maybe be a boon in the Stick.

Rafael Pulido may have been the steal in the FA market which makes the Braves fans hopeful. He was on my radar but I was expecting a bigger salary than what he got. Closer or Ivan type setup, such a decision.

Brandon Miles  makes his way to Cincy where he might fit in as a cheap signing.

Alex Ramirez made a lifetime deposit at the bank as the most sought after Type B. I bailed at $7M per as I didn't think he was worth it myself. He is a proven commodity but was it the the Texas offense or him? At least in LA he has a fighting chance.

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