Saturday, July 27, 2013

More IFA Money Spent

Oakland nabbed Victor Gomez for $6M.  he is a lefty so his stock was lower than normal along with the off-speed tendency. His right split may not be all that great but does have ML control and some pretty nice pitches.  Good price for a probable ML pitcher.

Grade: B

Knuck made his first foray into the market as he Pedro Castilla for $5M. He fancies himself as a SS and could actually ascertain to the position. Hitting isn't may not be great but does have a little pop and luck on his side. I like the signing but their could be hitch in the contract getting him a date with Sasha Gray.

Grade: B

Upon further review, I still stand by my grading of David Escobar. He might be a big bat but has no place on a ML roster. He can't play a position except DH and even then doesn't have the durability to last long in a lineup. Health is another huge issue and he is already on the PUP list. Now if he hits the DITR list things could change drastically otherwise a career minor league player could ensue. He could in fact play DH at the ML level in the future for 18 games if things fall right.

It is rumored that Mal purchased a Bake-A-Bone to make pancakes for the kids as the neighbor swears by it. We really know he liked the idea for himself as it had an unusual side effect, he trained the wife to sit up and beg.  Also purchased was a Polly Perfect to drive the wife's cat up the wall. That didn't work well as it drove the kids nuts and they shot it with a BB gun and buried it in the back yard.  He also tried out that new convenient convection hotplate but became the first burn victim after not reading the warning label "Pots and Pans get extremely hot".

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