Monday, July 22, 2013

The First 10

The first 10 are in the books already. How did things shape up so far and will we see a shake up.

NL North

Nobody is off to fast start. The Brewers vowed a 3-8 start share the lead at 5-5. The Reds are off to their normal slow start. The Cubs just hasn't found themselves. The Pirates cooled off after being thumped by the Cards. Cubs and Reds are suppose to rule this division, so things will change.

NL East

The Phillies are hot winning six in a row even after getting blistered by Atlanta to start things off.  The next series with the Mets will tell the tale as they have showed off an even fortitude.  The Braves looked hot to start but being swept by the Mets is doubting. The Marlins have dug themselves a deep hole fast, first year jitters in a new park. This was suppose to be a Mets-Braves division, do we have an early pretender.

NL South

Mexico City has a chip on their shoulder. It could be a run for the money between a heavy weight division that already shows off two challengers in Houston and St Louis. Knuck is struggling in Tampa Bay so far. How bad did that season 25 injury hurt Ivan as he limps to 400?

NL West

I warned the West about the Giants. Giants looked ready to roll until the Mets came to town. Giants-Dodgers on tap next, this should shape things up for sure. Meanwhile Bruce has the Padres chasing the goat with the Heinekens while Tyler is reffing the chase and oogling the naked chicks. (we think the goat will win)

AL North

The Jays may run away and hide from the rest of the division before the season is over. The Tigers and Twins are trying to keep up. Last years Golden Boys of Summer look to be in a sophomore slump already but the Expos will right themselves we think.

AL East

As predicted, the Red Sox and O's will be trading barbs all season long. Ahh, what the hell, the Red Sox always seem to pull away in the stretch so we will wait.  DC and Dover just can't find the magic.

AL South

KC is off to a fast start again like last years Little Darlings. The silence was broken this year as the Rangers wanted to trade, not sure we have heard the last of that. (just knew that was coming didn't ya) The RedBirds first year looks like a bit of reorganization to see whats what.  Little Rock is still stuck in neutral.

AL West

I can't remember the last time a team started 10-0 like the Sky Sox. This division is a bit of a head scratcher so far. The A's were in Seattle last year and started like a house afire also before reality set in. This year I am not so sure as the reality could be real. The Angels are shell shocked but Colorado Springs started off this way last year and look what happened could it be a bit of a repeat scenario?  I thought VC had a shot above mediocrity but now I am not so sure, it is a rookie season so there are some bugs to work out.

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