Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Intl Update

The world was abuzz yesterday with the signing of Diego Juarez by the Little Rock Heads for $14.9M. Either my scouting is way off or the scouting of other teams are using beer goggles. Reported to be a 2B, lets see if his birth certificate is real first.

Ok,  his range looks pretty good and could actually be enough for CF as it should hit 80. Glove on the other hand will be hard pressed to be of significant quality as I expect it to peak in the mid to upper 60's. Arm is doesn't looks alarmingly mediocre to weak and probably won't improve much.

Durability has a long way to go and I expect it to peak around 75 to 78 which isn't all that bad. Health will be ok after a couple seasons and will improve but not drastically. Doesn't look like speed is going to improve all that much either but might have the audacity to steal a base every now and then.

Contact should improve to where strikeouts will not be all that common, I expect it to peak around 64 maybe.  I don't show any improvement in the power department but looks can be deceiving and could improve a little but nothing to impress this judge. His left split doesn't show much improvement but could reach the low 50's. His right split however shows massive improvement but for it to reach the 70's could be very rough. Already has a good eye and could improve into the 70's which is definitely a boon. Can bunt well and consistently pounds the ball to the right while baserunning skills are plausible at best.

IMO I think the purchase price was way over the top. Defense isn't and won't be solid and his arm further degrades possible playing positions. Offense may wind up being good against right handers and a little below adequate against lefties. You might see a .275 - .240 split in average during a good season with 15 dingers, 60 walks and 25 doubles thrown in.

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