Friday, October 19, 2012

Stat News

Everett Hill zoomed by Joey Tracy in the Home Run department last year. 27 more fried potatoes away form the magical 800 plateau.

Juan Carrasquel made it to 700 dingers and was so happy that he injured his knee while circling the bases.

Pascual Solano crossed the 600 Save threshold and still going strong. Rapidly declining this season, he may not have much more left in the tank.

Zeus Singleton has eclipsed Vinny Post to move into second place all-time in Saves. Don't expect him to catch Solano either.

Dom Tabaka needs 1 more Save to make it to 500 for his career. Has his sights set on passing Post this season.

Ivan Johnson is on the DL and no one will give Omar Elcano a job, that is sad.

Surprising fact: Pedro DeSoto leads the way with 62 complete games. Tomas Camacho is second with 57. The surprise you ask? Most of Camacho's were losses.

Everett Hill could pass the great Albert Johnson in RBI's this season.

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