Thursday, October 4, 2012

NY Mets

 The Mets at a glance.

The Mets are out to prove they belong in the playoffs this year. Last season they were sorta left on their own for 5 or 6 days at a stretch several times early in the season. I really wasn't around much but got back into it after All-Star break where they became contenders again. They only ended up four games out of it after being 10 games below .500 at one point. 1-run losses and a couple injuries to the pitching staff hurt tremendously.

We have all the coaches returning from last season. That is a big plus and rather unusual for me. Normally I have one that runs away to another team at least. I usually don't pay an absorbent amount for a Bench Coach either. I really don't think paying $2M when  $600Gs will do just fine, this year we went against the grain in that area.

Offense and Defense

C: Mariano Pimentel becomes the starting catcher this year. We like the fact that he should be a better hitter, good defensively and can start 130 games, an opportunity he relishes. Sun Hasegawa is his backup to ones chagrin maybe.

1B -  Leo Rodney had a very productive season last year. We think it could be much better. Egads he goes to Arbitration wanting extremely big bucks next year.

2B - John McInerney had a great all around season last year. We also think it could be somewhat better. He could be a FA next year if we can't come up with the bucks to pay him. $8M, yikes.

3B - Carlos Mesa had a great season last year also. In Arbitration again next year and will find his way to the FA market in all probability. Don't look at me, unwilling to pay $7M a year for a player with 28 health.

SS - Carl Browning was snagged off the Rule V draft last season to be the utility backup. We aren't exactly sold yet that he is the starter.

LF - Dan Radke returns to his normal haunt after being relegated to the bench most of last season.

RF - Marc Redman brings his GG to bear regardless of what the fielding coach says. Actually I think he is right, he could play a weak 2B but I got enough of those on board at the moment.  Now if we can just get him to hit like we think he should.

CF - Emil Flores is getting the job for the time being. He may not have the range for the job, but we do have lots of range on the corners to help.

Utility - Guy Oquist who may wind up as the starter at SS. Clarence Valentin is also a player that will see a lot of action as he can play everywhere also. Last but not least is Omar Ordonez, he backs up several positions well and is a power bat but not as we had hoped last year. He could be up for adoption after inter-league play or before, we haven't decided.

On the Starting Mound:

R.J. Bellhorn is in the #1 slot again. He has failed miserably as a starter but won his last 7 starts last season after failing in the pen also. He is the best pitcher we got in all reality and should live up to it.

Harry Rodriguez had a so-so season last year and we know he can do better.

Danys Candelaria showed he could actually pitch last season.

Ted Maxwell may be better in the pen, but that luxury just isn't there.

Esmerling Pujols, yes he is the #5 starter for awhile at least.

The Pen

Benny Calero had a terrible season last year if you ask me. I tried him as a starter but he just doesn't recover well from an outing.

Clinton Cedeno was pitching well last season as a starter til an injury crippled him. He didn't win his starting job back in ST but may replace Pujols before it is said and done.

Al Limon is always the stalwart. He just doesn't have enough to be a starter.

Joseph Wang promised us a good two years. He doesn't recover well so hopefully he can anchor the pen.

Hector Fernandez is kinda pissed at us but we gave him a special job this year. We are hoping it works.

Wayne Hampton and Don Zhou comprise the short relief roles and they are good at it.

Dom Tabaka returns to his closer duties for yet another year as he tries to eclipse Vinny Posts record to move into 3rd place all time in saves.

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