Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Intl Market News

Jose Elcano was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals for $8.3M. That is pretty steep price for a closer. The youngster shows a lot of promise and will one day provide great dividends.

Grade: A

Alex Limon was most recently signed by the Baltimore Orioles for $9.5M. Will the great pitches over shadow the lack of control remains to be seen.

Grade: B

 Angel Hernandez was signed by the Colorado Springs Sky Sox for $4.2M. First catcher I have seen with speed, wonder how long that might last? May develop a good arm but other than that defensive abilities are so-so. Hitting abilities are decent against righties but may struggle against lefties. That can actually work in his favor with his durability.

Grade: B

Don Martin was signed by the Dover Dung Beetles for $3.6M. Another catcher with amazing speed but just doesn't understand how to steal a base. Defensive abilities are passable. Has power at the plate but not a solid hitter.

Grade: B-

Julian Megias was also signed by the Dover Dung Beetles for a paltry $1.9M. Listed as a SS but will make a much better 3B. May lack in durability a bit but has some pop in the bat and a pretty good eye. A good cheap signing if you ask me.

Grade: B

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