Sunday, October 28, 2012

Intl Market

The Cincinnati Reds gave an unwavering $20.3M to sign Vic Gabriel.  Pundits tell me he is a CF but the Reds didn't see fit to give him a try at that position. Must have unrelinquishing needs for RF or the scouts lied once again. I say he should have the range for CF, the glove may not very encompassing for CF and maybe not adequate enough at all could be the Reds reasoning.

Durability is weak now but should grow to be an every day player. Health could be a little iffy. Does have olympic speed were the multitude ( and I mean multitudes ) of stolen bases will follow and the patience to learn.

Those big eyes will come into play greatly when hitting on chicks, maybe he is a werewolf. He does the splits well even with pom poms. Has some home run power the chicks really dig and some good contact to go with it.

IMO, the purchase price may have been over the top. If his power was more upward mobile or a true CF then I would agree to the price. But then again, a .270 - .290 capable hitter with 30+ home runs and 60+ stolen bases don't grow on trees around here.

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