Monday, October 1, 2012

AL North

First things first. There are 160 HOF votes available. It only takes 85 votes to get 5 people in. There are a lot of good candidates in the list. I voted for Tracy, Mercedes, Santayana, Heredia and Ozuna. I could have easily voted for another 5 also. However, I put a poll on this here blog so that we will know that everyone voted. So after you vote, just click your team name here so we know you voted. Meanwhile, back to the AL North.

Ouchie occurred in the NL this fine spring day, well not so fine for Florida as Ivan "The Terrible" Johnson went down for the season.

AL North

It was a rather tight race here last year until teams started dropping out and Toronto surged on as the victor. After looking things over carefully we could very well see a repeat of last year. However looking into my crystal ball I see a new develolpment.

Detroit Tigers - I have already cast my Cy Young ballot for Jack Root. The Tigs look strong from a pitching standpoint, defense might be rather questionable and hitting shows to be even all the way around. We are not sure how they will do in their home stadium as they have been on the road the whole time in spring training.

Toronto Blue Jays - With the addition of O.T. Kirk helps tremendously in the pitching department. Is it enough to keep them on top is the question. Pitching is good, defense is decent while hitting relatively strong.

Minnesota Twins - A team to keep your eyes on. They don't look all that strong until you look deep into the heart of things. The pitching staff could go under major renovation at the blink of an eye. The lineup is full of star power even though defense is not the greatest of attributes.

Montreal Expos - The Expos are still retooling after all those years in Seattle. It takes time and still might be a season or two away.  Expect them to play grab ass in the International Market.

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