Thursday, October 4, 2012

HOF Voting

Ok, we didn't get anybody in again. 125 votes were cast, that leaves 35 that didn't get cast, that is 7 owners. sdhizzles was one of the owners that didn't vote, that leaves 6. Of those 6 we could have gotten 3 in maybe but at least 2. In all reality, I think anyone with ten or more votes should get in not 17. 17 is too hard to make with the talent we have out there.  

Randy Lamb thanks whoever voted for him. I will agree he has the home run numbers but one must look at his overall design. In my estimation he hit 200 or more dingers he shouldn't have at least. His fielding stats could have and probably should have been worse than they are. I feel the same about Tony Duran also, his stat of 863 stolen bases may never be broke. More surprising about him was his walk to strike out ratio, not bad for a guy with no splits.

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