Thursday, October 4, 2012

Putting It All Together


Believe it or not this gets tougher every year.

1. Colorado Springs Sky Sox - Still think they are the best in the AL
2. Texas Rangers - On the verge of greatness
3. Boston Red Sox - Staying power but could fall
4. Detroit Tigers - Coming of age story
5. Tampa Bay Rays - Hotly contested but comes in second this time around
6. Baltimore Orioles - Actually a gamble on the closeness of the next four

Teams in the hunt til the end that could surprise everyone

Seattle Mariners - Better than you think
Toronto Blue Jays - If the Tigs fail
Dover Dung Beetles - Could be a surprise in the East
Kansas City Royals - Too many good teams above them in the South is all


If you think the AL was tough.  Where is sdhizzle, playing Waldo?

1. Mexico City Diablos Rojos - Taking a huge gamble
2. Atlanta Braves - They could be number 1 easy enough
3. Salem Super Sequoias - Win one for the Gipper
4. Chicago Cubs - Too much  infighting lands them here
5. Arizona Diamondbacks - Winning realization sets in
6. New York Mets - Just because they can, no excuses

Teams in the hunt til the end that could surprise everyone

Cincinnati Reds - They can easily be in the picture
Pittsburgh Pirates - Living on the edge for so long
Florida Marlins - Ivan was a huge loss but can be overcome



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