Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mets Predraft Ramblings

Yup, here we go once again for me to figure out if my draft board is set up correctly to get my first pick, or better yet who my first pick might be. Didn't get to do this last season and really didn't mess with my board at all but ended up with a somewhat good player. Drafting in the 22nd spot doesn't exactly give me a premier player but one that must be helpful at the ML level one day. Hampering me a little bit is that I didn't spend much in scouting and only college players are available so some assumptions have to made with my 20-10 rule. For those not familiar, too hard to explain but basically deals with the difference between current and projected from the scouts. Normally I would draft a Setup type pitcher but there just isn't one on my board that could be helpful.

1. SS - Not sure he will be a great SS but can hit and can be the #1 pick unless there is a great pitcher.

2. SS - Another iffy SS but will easily find a place on the roster and a top 5 pick.

3. CF - Glove could be weak but another worthy of a top 5 pick.

4. 2B - His stock could drop him to a top 15 pick.

5. P - Pen help anyone? Top 15 at least, as youngsters must rule the way I see it.

6. P - Starter with a little trouble but even if his stock drops is still a top 10 pick.

7. P - The best closer type available to me, I can hope I guess.

8. 2B - Not real sold on him myself.

9. P - A starter that might be there, nothing great.

10. SS - Not real happy here either.

All in all, my board doesn't look so hot. Seven sure players if you ask me and a bunch of wanna be's. Looking at the budgets, I might have a shot at number 5 on my board but it really looks like a fringe player to me.

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