Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mets Board

 How my top 10 picks fared in the draft. As you can tell, my board wasn't the greatest.

1. Dick Berry, SS - Washington D.C. Senators: Drafted 7th, was best player on my board, SS might be a stretch but looks to be a very nice hitter.

2. Tim Carillo, SS -  Louisville Colonels: Drafted 3rd, SS is doubtful but 3B is a plus also a very nice hitter.

3. Fausto Mota, CF - St. Louis Cardinals: Was surprised he was drafted first, should make a nice CF.

4.  Bennie Wagner, 2B,  New York Mets: Surprised he dropped this far down at 22nd, loved his contact and speed.

5. Merv Christenson, P, Milwaukee Brewers: Drafted 12th, was hoping he might drop, so much for wishing but wasn't expecting Wagner to be there.

6. Cedrick Swann, P, Helena Hot Pockets: Drafted 6th, didn't figure I had a chance.

7. F.P. Creek, P, New York Mets, P: I thought it was a good pick at 83, I figured he would go late 1st round or supp.

8. Kelly Young, 2B, Kansas City Royals: Nice pick at 17, good hitter.

9. Calvin Ainsworth, P, Baltimore Orioles: Drafted 37th, I wasn't all that thrilled with his pitches.

10. Babe Hayes, SS, Washington D.C. Senators: Drafted 68th, I wasn't that enthused about him at all.

Others of note on my board:

Julio Baerga, P, Seattle Mariners: Drafted 16th, was in the 13th slot, just didn't need another lefty.

Tony Clemens, P, Mexico City Diablos Rojos: Drafted 25,th, was in my 14th slot.

Stan Mora, C, Milwaukee Brewers: Had him setup for a 3rd round pick at 116, would have worked too if the Brew Crew hadn't intervened (seems they always do) with the 106th pick.

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