Sunday, June 27, 2010

After Draft Comments

Remember way back when there wasn't enough pitchers in the draft? To go along with that there wasn't enough pitchers anywhere to go around for the Rookie League? To fix this issue they made every ones draft board a 60-40 split favoring pitchers. I changed my mind set then that I would need to target fielders to get enough position players and save the late round pitchers for the following season. Normally there is enough career minor league pitchers that I can grab cheap ones in the IFA market so I don't have to worry about drafting pitchers. This year there wasn't any and I had to use all my Rookie League players from last year to fill my minors as there just wasn't anything I liked in the FA market or Tryout Camp. Since this came to pass I knew it would come back to bite me in the ass.

Since I used the Formula Builder and took the best player available, I had to really dump a lot of pitchers off the board, at least a 100 or more. If I remember, I only had 40 pitchers total ranked in the first 200 and if your lucky, only 10 to 12 after the first 100. Maybe I should have dumped some more as I drafted 20 pitchers out of 25 and the 25th pick was ranked 177 on my board. Actually all those pitchers aren't all that bad, but now, what an I going to do about fielders? Not all that bad, I had already got my hands on two and I did get 5 in the draft so I just need to come up with two or more. The draft really did have some ugly position players anyway so I am not all that bothered.

The top 10 players on my board by Overall.

1. Carmen Moorhouse - 2B - Dover: Good hitter, iffy 2B, had him ranked third.
2. Edgardo Mateo - P - Anaheim: $0 in HS scouting and still had him ranked first.
3. Tony Santos - SS - Cleveland: Has some upside, SS highly iffy though ranked fourth.
4. Randall Daily - 2B - Houston: Out do to Bio.
5. Damion Kaline - P - Vancouver: good middle reliever even though lefty, ranked second.
6. Dennis Thomas - 2B - Kansas City: Makeup dropped him to fifth on my board.
7. Quinn Quinn - CF - Las Vegas: Good defensively, ranked sixth.
8. Jose Hernandez - DH - Minnesota: Out because he was a DH.
9. Daniel Ray Rehfield - 2B - Cincinnati: Over rated to me, dropped to 30th.
10. Cyrus Abercrombie - P - Washington: Weak vsR dropped to 14th.

What can you say, I got the best player available who was ranked fourth on my board with the 20th pick, not bad I suppose. Who was left in my board that I would have been happier with in my top 10?

Harvey Hatcher, Mariano Pimentel or Ed Hughes: All three were catchers and had them ranked 7, 8 and 9. Hatcher was a very good hitter but poor defensively, overall good enough to be a 6 inning starter. The other two could be backups or starters at the position and both should be decent hitters.


Josh Moran - Was the best fielder left on my board and ranked tenth on my board, tells you of my further woes in the position player department but got him with the 85th pick.

Louis Thurman - was ranked 21 and had the control and pitches I like.

Tony Castilla - I thought he was a joke when I first saw him and listed as a catcher. I wonder how many GM's saw him and moved him out or way down the board? As a catcher I would have done the same thing but I got confused when I figured out he just might be able to play RF instead so I moved him all the way to the 25th spot.

Not sure how I will do my next draft. I don't exactly like the formula builder as I like to use the target approach to make sure I get enough fielders. It actually took more time using it than my original way, about 90 minutes compared to 30. It did put them in a good order though and I am not unhappy about the players I did draft. All players drafted were in the top 200 on my board which is odd as the target approach seems to manufacture ugly position players I think.

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