Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Season 16 Draft

The draft was not the highlight of the season for most. I am going to take it slow because several first rounders have yet to sign and I limited time. With my limited scouting some of what I have to say may be off a bit from what others really know. It was more of a pitchers draft than position and just about everything I saw left me scratching my head. Many of the first round picks were not on my board either, go figure.

1. Reagan Mathews - P - Milwaukee Brewers: Living up to the Number 1 pick could be rough on a kid but I think this one will definitely weather the storm. He has everything I like in a pitcher and very well could be a number 1 or 2 starter in the future. Grade: A

2. Hick Marshall - P - Arizona Diamondbacks: Another fine pitcher in my books. He is a lefty, and it shows he could have a somewhat weak vsR, but I think it is better than I am seeing. Everything else looks ship-shape however and worthy of the second pick. Grade: A

3. Harpo Cust - SS - Washington D.C. Senators: UNK

4. Dan Radke - LF - New York Mets: At first I thought he could be better than a LF then reality set in. Overall impression is he a good pick but to me not in the top 10 let alone the top 5. He has lots of growth potential and how he develops will be everything. Grade: B-

5. Nigel Li - 2B - Tampa Bay Rays: UNK

6. Michael Barry - P - Detroit Tigers: Splits look a little weak but me thinks they are better than I am seeing and could develop into a very nice starting pitcher. Grade: A

7. Carl Mattingly - 2B - St. Louis Cardinals: 2B could be a stretch quality wise but his speed and bat will garner him ML status one day if he stays healthy. Grade: B+

8. Frank Cortes - P - Chicago Cubs: Quality pitcher but one I warned about in the pitch department. Not that he can't be good pitcher but not so sure that he could be that good in Chicago. Grade: B-

9. Harold Adcock - P - Oakland Athletics: Early Pronounced Highlight: The Master's Academy will have some groupies thrilled I bet, might even put DJ's sister in her place! Roflmao Maybe not the greatest SP but should easily make a number 3 spot in the rotation. Grade A-

10. Carmen Moorhouse - 2B - Dover Dung Beetles: Could be a good 2B in time and a good bat but don't expect home run awards. Grade: A

11. Edwin Webster - P - Seattle Mariners: This is a pitcher whose overall doesn't jive with the ratings so this would have to be my scouting. I see him in the pen for starters because of a stamina issue and the pitches are a tad worrisome. However, putting my 10/15/20 rule to the test I see a very capable SP. So I am deferring his grade to the rule. Grade: B+

12. Arthur Donatello - CF - Houston Astros: Too bad he is a lefty as he would make a great defensive 2B. Might be a little error prone but a plus-play CF with a strong arm. The bat will produce a lot of homers in Houston, scouting says his eye is weak but I don't think so. Grade: A

13. Edgardo Mateo - P - Anaheim Angels: I believe he should easily be at least a number 2 in the rotation some day, too many flaws if he doesn't develop well in splits and pitches. Should be able to throw some CG's. Grade: B+

14. Damion Kaline - P - Vancouver Canadians: I had him ranked number 2 on my board and the player I was hoping to get. Should easily be a quality medium reliever or closer in the pen. Grade A

15. Dale Griffin - SS - Kansas City Royals: If you wanted a good SS this is the guy. The jury is still out on defensive quality however as I seem him being a bit weak in the end and that can throw a monkey wrench in everything. Has a good eye but woeful contact with a little pop. Grade C+

16. Willie Kendrick - LF - Salem Super Sequoias: UNK Wanting $8M, must have a big bat one way or the other!

17. Fausto Ramirez - SS - Los Angeles Dodgers: Looks like Dodgers went with the best player available. Hoping to find a solid defensive SS but looks to me came up on the short end of the stick. Has plenty of speed and a bat that will work in LA I think but defensively may be better suited at 2B/CF, which is not a bad thing. Grade: B+

18. Quinn Quinn - CF - Las Vegas 51s: Just like the name, very odd that you get twins and his twin sisters name is Quimm Quinn, DJ's sister can now move aside maybe. All joking aside, has speed and can play CF very very well. Hitting is another matter but should thrive in Vegas.
Grade: B-

19. Clinton Guerrero - P - Philadelphia Phillies: For a lefty starter I think he has what it takes to be very successful. The only problem is whether or not his health will hold out. Grade: B

20. Tony Santos - SS - Cleveland Indians: Playing SS is probably out of the question for the Indians, while 2B or 3B is more likely. Has very good speed and hitting wise, well lets say the jury is still out. Grade B-

21. Miller Shiell - 2B - Atlanta Falcons: 2B is a very far reach and the quality isn't there, my interpretation would be LF at best, maybe RF. Very good bat though so he will be in themajors at some point. Grade B+

22. Ted O'Neil - P - Minnesota Twins: Finding a bonafide starter this late in 1st round is slim. His projections are a bit overstated in my opinion and unreachable. Could be a decent fifth starter or work out of the pen though in long relief. Grade B

23. Bip Cosby - CF - Boston Red Sox: How he slipped all the way to 23 is a mystery to me but Boston fans are very happy. He wasn't on my board so we know how he didn't find himself being drafted at 20. Boston says he is a 2B but I wouldn't give on the the CF aspect as of yet. Good hitter with some power and should bang some off the Green Monster. Grade: A

24. Paul Mercedes - RP - Austin Fightin' Armadillos: Tough one for me to actually say, surely his potential is better than I am seeing in pitches. Grade A or maybe B depends on development

25. Renyel Gongora - P - Toronto Blue Jays: I see his projections as over-rated and under-rated at the same time. Health could be a big issue. Fifth starter is a maybe, pen is more likely. Grade B-

26. Larry Wilson - RP - Helena Hot Pockets: A closer in the minors but a setup in the majors, the reason is low control but everything else is ship-shape. Grade: B

27. Albert Morales - SS - Texas Rangers: The potential is there to be a GG SS, making it though is another story, me thinks he will. Hitting is another matter but won't be a big setback. Grade: B

28. Mariano Pimentel - C - Syracuse Sycamores: Has great defensive abilities with good a PC to go with it and can be an everyday starter. Pretty decent with the bat. This is one of the guys I was hoping to available in the second round. Grade: B

29. Daniel Ray Rehfield - 2B - Cincinnati Reds: If his glove is better than what I am seeing then it is possible he could be a 2B. However he was on my board so I know he has no chance, LF is a maybe. Hitting isn't very keen either in my estimation. Grade D - RED HERRING of the draft.

30. Macbeth Gibbs - P - Durham Bulls: The question is whether this kid has a future past the DL. Has a lot to learn and it just may never happen. Grade: D

31. Vin Cook - RP - Pittsburgh Pirates: While not closer material, he does possess the ability to be a setup man I do believe. Grade: C+

32. Juan Flores - RP - Durham Bulls: The Bulls may have been looking for short help in the pen judging from the two picks. This kid in my mind has a chance but I think falls short as a closer which leaves a setup job in mind. Grade: B-

I am still wondering whether there is a problem with the draft generator or did I just find a real oddity? For the most unusual player that I ran into in this draft, Tony Castilla. He was so unusual that I just had to draft him. How many catchers can you find that can't catch but can play 1B or LF?

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