Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The NL

NL North

Pittsburgh - I would say they are set up to win for a couple more seasons at least. If the injury bug sets in however this team could find itself in dire straits.
Cincinnati - The Reds have a lot to prove this year as last year may have been a bit surprising but did they lose too much and maybe gained less. The pitching staff could be a sore spot.
Milwaukee - The defense may be atrocious but the offense could spell trouble. The pitching is not great but can get the job done. I would say two season away from contending again.
Chicago - A team that folded up shop last year and then went on a fire sale. Too many youngsters that may not be ready for the ML level.

Pittsburgh should stand alone this year with Cincy maybe grabbing a Wild Card spot.

NL East

Cleveland - Should be the team to beat but seem to find a way of losing. The pen is vastly improved but starting pitching could be a problem but will be aided by a very stingy defense.

Atlanta - Has the hitting going for them and really the only thing that keeps them in contention. Pitching isn't great but keeps them in games.

Philadelphia - Good players on offense but the elder pitching staff could be a let down this year.

New York - This is a team to be very wary of. They are vastly improved but still have a ways to go on offense/defense. The pitching staff could give any team fits.

Will Cleveland finally win? Or will Atlanta hit their way in again?

NL South

Florida - It will be hard not to put them in first place with the #1 seed this year.

Texas - Proved last year they can win but winning the division is probably out of reach. Wild Card once again and maybe another World Series?

St. Louis - Offense will be causing teams trouble as always but pitching may not lend a helping hand.

Houston - Pitching and hitting is the key in Houston and there just doesn't seem to be enough to go around. There is help coming in the pitching department but it is still in development while hitting help could be another year or so away.

NL West

Salem - I am going out on a limb here and have them as the #3 seed and maybe #2 if things come together for them.

Los Angeles - Not sure how they will react to the new stadium this year. They are a very solid team and should actually win more games. I really think they should grab the final wild card spot.

Vancouver - Has the pitching but I think hitting could be another story.

Arizona - Will be vastly improved this season. Pitching is not their ally but help in that department is on the way but is a year or two in development yet.

This is the way I see it happening this year.

#1 - Florida
#2 - Salem
#3 - Pittsburgh
#4 - Cleveland
#5 - Texas
#6 - Las Angeles

Serious contention from Cincinnati and Atlanta.

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