Sunday, June 20, 2010

Draft Board First Impressions

It was time to be a kid in the candy store as the Draft Boards were released. I felt it was a very rude awakening myself as I thought another cup of coffee might help my disposition. I draft 20th and lean completely towards college, so as they say on the Ugly Truth, better a floozie than a doozie. Well, I do admit without having to spend money on High School scouting, I can invest elsewhere. I see a couple of position players I wouldn't mind having but nothing I would call really exceptional. If my board is any indication it could be a pitching deep draft. But alas, in the pitching department I don't exactly see that #1 starter that I would absolutely drool over though I see several that have promise. It didn't take me long to do my board, maybe 30 minutes and will probably do some tweaks here and there until draft day, I always do.

I have used several monetary values in the scouting departments through the seasons and have settled on 14. I find that amount gives the ability to separate the good from the bad and ugly. It also seems to limit those players that have a disgustingly big differences between current and projected. So happy draft board ranking fellow GM's.

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