Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wahoo Warrior Report

39 games into the season and the Indians lead the NL East!! Not really a surprise but still room for improvement, where it is going to come from is any ones guess. The fans are happy though. No surprise as the Falcons have caught up once again and Philly is hanging tough. New York wins in streaks as they are one of the most Hot and Cold teams I have seen.

Hitting hasn't been as robust as I would have hoped especially at home. At home, Matt Pierce is leading the way with a .372 average. That sounds all well and good but Giovanni Jackson has struggled with a .237 average although he has hit the most home runs at home with 7. Eswalin James and Trace Wallace have been disgruntled strikeout victims at home. The walk rate is pretty high for most of the lineup at home. Maybe a little tinkering is in order. On the road however is another story. The team hits pretty well on the road though it is a little misleading. Lots of walks precipitate this a bit but the team puts up a lot more runs on the road. Home runs have been pretty even home and away so far thanks to the onslaught in the last game at Pittsburgh. We might even hit more than the dismal 77 that they posted at home last year.

Fielding hasn't been as good as expected. Not sure what is up with all the errors actually, same infield as last year more or less but sure aren't playing like it. Almost leading the league in errors is never a good sign. Leading the league in plus plays and zero minus plays so far however is always a good sign. Not real sure how to interpret this little conundrum.

Pitching wise, the starters are actually getting the job done. The pen however can be perfect one day and forget how to pitch the next. It isn't sporadic and can't be linked to any one thing either. They are either good or ugly depending on how they feel as it would seem.

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