Sunday, June 20, 2010

IFA Market News

Guillermo Espinosa was signed by the Florida Marlins for $12.9M. Listed as a CF but not sure his glove and durability will live up to an every day CF. What he does have going for him however is a pretty decent bat and lots of speed.

Fausto Nunez was signed by the Helena Hot Pockets for the cheap sum of $5M. Listed as a catcher but really doesn't possess the needed skills as I see him. But his monstrosity of a bat dictates that he could be a very useful DH and a catcher in emergency situations.

Junior Jacquez was signed by the Las Vegas 51s for $5M. Though he is not exceptional at anything, does have some pop in the bat and could be a decent enough RF or 3B. The best part he 22 and almost ready to step into a ML role.

Also signed by the Las Vegas 51s was Jose Figureoa for $4M. Though I am a little shocked by this, his health may dictate retirement at a very early age. He does have a nice arm and a good bat for a SS.

Hipolito Mesa was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals for the low sum of $3M. If he develops well could be a good player at the ML level.

Speaking of stealing players for low sums, the Helena Hot Pockets signed Davey Fernandez for $2.4M. He may be sort of a project player but if he meets expectations could turn into a very good 3B.

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