Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Sad Day

A moment of silence will be observed before todays games to honor the passing of erffdogg, one of the greatest GM's and Commissioners in HBD. We will miss you!! RIP !!

In MLB, his 8 division titles and four straight World Series trophies with his beloved Cincinnati Reds will always be remembered. His fun loving attitude and dedication to his fake fantasy teams showed his tenacity towards any sport like no other. Even in real life, Mr Rudy showed the same dedication and will be sorely missed.

If we change the name of the league I would like to see it called, MLB - Erffdogg Memorial as he would not want to change the name fully. I would also like to see the name of the Cincinnati Reds changed to the Cincinnati Reds-erffdoggs as I am not sure I could bear not seeing his name on the team somewhere.

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