Sunday, June 20, 2010

Power Rankings #2

First off there was a mistake in the Drafting Pitchers, the cut off for RP vs SP apparently is 50 now, seems like it was 40 at one time. Oh well on to the power rankings.

1. Florida Marlins - At 32-10 they grab the #1 spot after drubbing Pittsburgh.
2. Pittsburgh Pirates - At 31-11 it came down to #1 vs #2 match up.
3. Durham Bulls - Are still proving everyone wrong beating up AL teams.
4. Cleveland Indians - Move up a couple spots after beating Vancouver.
5. Vancouver Canadians - Still holding on to a top spot.
6. Los Angeles Dodgers - Has jumped into the top 10 after catching Vancouver.
7. Toronto Blue Jays - Could be playing over their heads but lead the AL North.
8. Kansas City Royals - Hanging tough behind Durham like days of yore.
9. Boston Red Sox - Sneaks in after taking control of the AL East.
10. Oakland Athletics - Lays claim to the final spot taking over the AL West.

Losing ground

Las Vegas 51s - who seem to be really disliked by the sim.
Minnesota Twins - the inability to take control of the AL North has them bewildered.

Gaining Ground

Chicago Cubs
Salem Super Sequoias

Most surprising

Detroit Tigers
Arizona Diamondbacks

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