Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More About Drafting

Much of it is personal preference by most veteran GM's but the settings really drive everything. I used to take the best player available on the draft board, not sure that ever worked out really. Then I changed to target players by position, while this insured me of fielding a good Rookie roster, not sure it was the best idea either. This year I am doing something just a bit different, using the formula builder. I have never had much success with it but maybe it was because I always set targets. I tried it before but really never appealed to me, might be because of the target approach. This time I am going after the best player available in my opinion while using the formula builder.

Okay, I have been a little over an hour ranking players after using the builder. I actually had to work harder using that than the other way. Not sure it was worth the effort because I normally only mess with the first 100 players. Took too much time to weed out unwanted pitchers. This time I had to mess with the first 200 or so. Oops forgot to check the bios for players that won't sign or whatever. Oh well, only a small handful above 50, conservative approach so supposedly it might take 1 of those if available. Take a chance on me...ABBA was so great weren't they? Was it worth all the extra effort is the question, I guess I will find out after the draft.

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