Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hall Of Fame Voting

A very big class to vote on, 25 all told. Will any of them make it and join Armas and Stevenson? I looked over the class very carefully and several are good enough in my mind but had to settle for three. I am not here gathering votes for any one of these players, just saying why I voted for who I did.

Ramon Dong - 6 All-Star games, a Gold Glove (though these days would only make it as a 1B), SS twice in LF (wasn't even considered a Home Run threat) and a WS ring. What really makes him stand out is his life time batting average of .326. His ratings did not lie about that.

Charles Kinney - 3 All-Star games, 1 Cy Young, 3 WS rings. Was on some great teams and always had double digit wins as a starter and was successful even in his twilight. Never had more than 8 losses in a season and had 17 plus wins 4 years in a row. His Cy Young actually came on the down swing of his career but was followed with an even better year but was on the same team as Yamil. With his ratings he would be just as good today as yesteryear.

Bryan McDowell - 7 time All-Star, 6 time Fireman of the year. Had 40+ saves 6 times (2 of them 50 plus) and was 22 of 26 in the post season with 2 wins and no losses but never got the ring. Had 352 saves lifetime out of 396 chances, pretty good average there for sure. Yes his ratings matched the production.

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