Monday, May 27, 2013

50 Games to the Left

NL North

Cubs are tops but are beatable. The Reds are in hot pursuit while the Pirates are holding on.

NL East

Mets are lollygagging in first hoping the Braves don't go on the warpath.

NL South

Florida is making a move while Ivan inches closer to 400 wins. Mexico City catches up then slides back.

NL West

Looks like a battle is looming in the stretch run as the Dodgers and D"Backs are tied while the Giants are playing unique rabbit.

Out of the playoff picture barring a huge miracle, the Brewers, Phillies, Colonels, Padres. 

AL North

Expos hold serve with the biggest lead of 10 games.

AL East

Boston is making a very slow long distance move from the pack.

AL South

Might be hard to believe but Kansas City has the most wins of any team. Didin't I tell you they would be a royal pain. Texas is trying to flank the herd but just keeps coming up short.

AL West

The Angels are out in front but the Sky Sox sees that crown. Neither have been playing that well of late. Meanwhile the Mariners are sailing closer again.

Out of the Playoff Picture unless that huge miracle arises: Blue Jays, Senators, Heads, Hot Pockets.

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