Sunday, May 12, 2013

Meanwhile at the IHOP

The Montreal Expos spent their life savings on Deven Wilfredo to the tune of $25M. Purportedly a RF OBP monster hitter with tons of speed. he was a bit reluctant to sign as he wanted to compete in the Olympics. Not sure about being a GG candidate in RF as his glove looks faulty but does have the arm and range. Getting him out at the plate could be a very tough thing to accomplish by any pitcher. Outstanding buy in my estimation.

Eliezer Bennett was tagged by the St. Louis Cardinals to hopefully be a future starter and offered $7.5M.  I know my scouting isn't wonderful but something must definitely be amiss if a pitcher that looks decent doesn't make double figures. Can that fourth pitch get dropped?

The St. Louis Cardinals also made another foray into the market for Don Chen.  A possible shutdown closer that does have good potential at a mere $4.6M. He may have slipped by the radar because of .....

Pascual James and his whopping $11.7M bonus to play future closer with the Little Rock Heads. He definitely looks like a shutdown closer in my books.

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