Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just for Dilo

After looking over Brian Patrick,  I was rather intrigued.

First thing I looked at was why he had so many passed balls. What I noticed when checking on that phenomenon was Robinzon Rodriguez was in the game at some point on 3 of them. They say pitch names are window dressing but I wonder sometimes as he tries to catch Sinkers, Knuckle balls and Fork balls. If you have never been a catcher those are a very dirty treat.

Potvin and Uribe are not bad targets to throw to on base stealing attempts either. Although Potvin is short at 5-9. Three of those errors were over throws on base stealing attempts. One was a fumbled bunt, so they called it a slow roller. The other was a pick off attempt to 1B.

I don't think  the difference between strength and accuracy is an issue. What I do think though is his age may be the trouble more than anything. Just acts like he needs to settle down.

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