Friday, May 24, 2013

Decrying the Testament

Many owners have been crying foul play in the closer role as was I. The Mets at the beginning were the worst in blown saves but have rectified the situation and everyone else is catching up. Originally I had Ted Maxwell in the closer role at the beginning of the season and why not. He was 20 of 21 last season when moved into that role. This season was a nightmare in the closer role for the 6 year vet going 6 of 12 while losing 3 of those. Since being replaced, he has gone 6-1 but still has blown 2 more saves as a reliever.

Sherm Brock had a role to perform at the beginning of the season and that was to get us out of an inning when the starter failed. He was doing a splendid job of that. Once the frustration set in on the closer position I had two choices and I chose the lesser of the two evils. Brian Grim was the other choice, but I figured if Maxwell couldn't do the job, neither could he. Since Brock became the closer he has gone 15 for 15 in the save department.

Wow you might say, just think he could easily be 27 for 27 if he started the season in that role. Not so fast grasshoppers, what you don't realize is the fact he could be about 24 for 24 right now. That is right, due to his low stamina he sometimes doesn't get the last out in the 9th inning and another has to be called in. That is why everyone else in my pen has a save or two.

Harry Beltran of Florida is the save king at the moment as his record is 34 for 35. At the moment though, Florida may be in a bit of a slump as Ivan the Terrible is on a short sabbatical of sorts.  Ivan has 14 wins this season and leads the Majors in that department but has had his ups and downs. He is finding it difficult to get to that 400 win plateau.

Mark James is 12-9 this season, a far cry from his Cy Young season last year.  Looks like Reagan Mathews has decided to pitch this year with a 12-2 record and maybe recapture the Cy Young in the NL. The much maligned R.J. Bellhorn is 10-6 in Tampa Bay, maybe the change of scenery is helping  just takes awhile to sink in.

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