Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Analyzing the Mets as a Team So Far

I have decided to look over the team and see what I can do to fix glaring problems. Most of them have been fixed already the best they could anyway.

Managerial Settings:
I did have the "Hit and Run" set to Aggressive which I have changed to Average. The reason for the change is that I only actually have two base stealers on the team but most are moderate to low in that department. I was hoping with a better 1B coach things would be a bit better but after 40 games and a 24-14 record it might not be that advantageous.

The second problem evolved around the Save record, 9 of 16  just isn't cutting the mustard. I haven't a clue about this one as to why but Ted Maxwell should be one of the best in the business. The problem stopped after I set his "Inning Available" to 9th even though he only entered the game one time before the 9th. A record of 0-3 and 5 of 9 just isn't what he should be capable of.


Egads (a nicer term)! Almost last in the NL in making errors. How can this be from a defensive minded owner? We are tied for second in Plus Plays in the NL, does that offset things a bit? Not really to me. Have I given up on defense for more offense? That is partly to blame in a way maybe.

Clarence Valentin was the GG award winner at 2B last year. He had a stroke in the off season and reported to spring training losing 6 points in Range. Nothing else declined, just Range, caused me to scratch my head. So back to John McInerney playing 2B. I am beginning to wonder if I need to have the soil tested at 2B because he has been losing Range also, just seems odd and it isn't happening anywhere else. Anyway, Range at 2B is a bit of a problem.

3B hasn't been a joy ride either as Miguel Otanez has been holding down the fort here. He just barely makes the minimum requirement at the position. His offense has been keeping him there so far this season.

CF is being played by Felipe Peralta. He isn't horrible at the position but his glove is very questionable. I would rather see him play 2B or 3B though.

SS is being played by Ronn Penny. His glove is just a point under but seems to generate the errors for some reason.

C has been played mostly by Pepper Murton. His not so great glove and inconsistent arm hasn't wowed the fans but his offense has.

When was the last time you saw a Mets team 2nd in the long ball category? Well, we do get the hits, unfortunately it is either a dinger or a single.

The starting staff hasn't been all that bad though I am having difficulty having them win games, 21 quality starts so far, we only had 37 all of last season. Finding a 5th starter has proved more difficult than anything else.

The pen has either been real good or real bad depending on how things are going. Have my problem children but they are better than what their stats indicate.

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