Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poor RJ

Poor R.J. Bellhorn! I liked the chit chat  though but I haven't a clue what his problem is. I gave up on him finally. I was thinking a change of scenery would help but that didn't seem to do it either. The only success I ever had with him was in season 24. That year he was horrible as a starter, seem to recall something like 3-8 in 17 starts. He ended the season out of the pen going 9-2 with 4 blown saves. But other than that he failed everywhere I put him including the pen. I even tried moving him around in the starter positions, sometimes that seems to help for awhile but to no avail in the end.

I call him a premier lefty because his control is above 80, vsr is above 60 and has two super pitches a good third and a throw away. For a lefty that is about as good as it gets except for a super lefty (vsr above 70).  But in the end I have some right handers that aren't nearly as good that pitch better. I even have a couple more lefties that isn't nearly as good pitch better than him for that matter.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that he either needs to be a starter in a severe pitchers park like Petco or a hitters park working from the pen. The only thing that I can't rule out is that he might be trying to throw that fourth pitch for strikes because of the discipline of the pitching coaches. Though I deem that actually a little far fetched in all reality as his walk to strikeout ratio seems a bit high. I can rule out the fact that needing a high PC catcher isn't the problem.

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