Friday, May 17, 2013

History Abound

I was looking through the old posts looking for something when I ran across the old Draft history analysis. I thought it might be nice to see how some players held up under early projections. The bad part, the first ones didn't have player links in their card yet.  But here is season 7.

1. Everett Hill: He lived up to my predictions rather easily and has enough hardware to open his own museum and is still playing. I said he would hit 50+ Home Runs and steal 40+ bases and hit .320. Sounded a bit optimistic huh? Well he hit 50+ 8 times and stole 40+ 8 times but only hit .320 or better 3 times. Not bad for a future HoFer who holds the Home Run record at 850 and counting at the moment. He wasn't a good fielder in LF as predicted.

2. Rick Hill: I somewhat failed at this one. He only hit 40+ Home Runs a couple times and even though he had the speed, didn't know how to use it. I expected his avg to be over .330, he only did that 5 times. He  played an uninspired 2B (before they changed the fielding rules) before being moved to LF.

3. Dom Tabaka: My write up wasn't all that enthusiastic but did accomplish my goals for him. He currently has 570 Saves and counting which will probably go over 600 before he retires which will put him second all time. Not bad for a lefty.

4. Claude Wallace: He actually panned the write up but he wasn't a bad player. He was consistent throughout his career though, what can you say, he was a 5 time All-Star and 4 time Silver Slugger in 12 seasons.

5. Bey Lynch: Truthfully he got caught up in a power vacuum and never got to live up to his billing other than the fact he  was a terrible catcher as reported.

6. Ismael Azocar: Has won 200 games in his career but write up was actually spot on.

10. Tim Loewer: Quietly became one of the best starting pitchers in the league with a 226-87 record and still compiling. His write up didn't disappoint.

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