Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Pepper Juxtoposition

A couple days before the transaction deadline I was filtering through the stats trying to determine what I needed to do. A malingering team means something is up.  Nothing really stood out until I looked at the extended defensive stats for the team. I just plainly scratched my head or was it my ass..hmmm maybe both, it wasn't making any sense at all. We were ranked #1 in the NL in SBA and 3rd or 4th in CS and below the Mendoza line in CS%. I looked over Pepper Murton and his ratings and go okay, he ain't a gifted catcher but isn't all that bad. His hitting isn't terrible that is why I got him anyway. Then I looked at Rich Kennedy who is a little better in the defensive arena. Things just didn't make all that much sense that it was the problem, on to something else. 3B seems to be a problem, happens when you have a weak fielder but I still didn't find that out of the ordinary. I happen to like Miguel Otanez and his left handed bat (thanx Texas).

I really didn't pay it no mind at all until I played the Astros the next day (we will give thanx for that too). A 2-hit shutout...grumble grumble grumble. Might be the reason Edgardo Maduro has a strained rotator cuff now. What did catch my eye though was they ran wild on us. Okay, back to those extended defensive stats again and really look it over.

Nothing really hounding that I could see, Plus/Minus is good, 11 pick offs is 2nd in the NL, 5 passed balls is no big deal. Scratch, scratch, scratch some more.  On to the Totals, this can be tough if you don't know what you are looking for. Errors are just below the Mendoza line, I know our defense is not the greatest but not all that bad. Put outs are consistent at 2nd in the NL. Assists aren't wayward by any means. Hmm, now here is a surprising entity, almost dead last in the NL in turning the double play.  BINGO!

Now what the hell is causing it? Is it because of pitching? Seems unlikely as they have a .246 OAV, though DP's might be hard to come by because of that. On to the individual defensive stats. Okay, SS and 3B has caused half of the errors, no surprise there as that is the norm, a little higher at 3B than I like to see maybe. ROFL, I must have the pitcher leading the league in minus plays. Okay, still empty handed as to the cause. On to individual extended stats.

Truly nothing glaring other than Pepper has all 5 passed balls and has trouble throwing anyone out that steals. Oh gee! Am I dense or what, can't get the DP because they are stealing 2B on me all the time.

Bye bye Pepper, don't let the club house door hit you in the ass on your way to AAA. AAA isn't too terribly pissed as we called up Felipe Izquierdo to help stop the madness. I also waited til revoke waiver time to clear Joey Cather as I have a better 3B at AAA, but I am real hesitant about making the move this season. Just need to cover all bases however.

The change stopped the Astros dead in their tracks. DP's are on the rise, no more passed balls as of yet. Another thing I have noticed is that I am getting an extra inning out of my starters.

BTW, I will take Quilvio Gabriel off your hands!!!

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