Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Half Way point

Well, for some anyway it is the half way point, others still have a game to go. For most,  the All-Star break as halfway though things seem to change at that point. Just think, three days rest then it is the division mad house coming to a ball park near you.

NL North
The Cubs are ahead in the NL by 3 games. The owner has been questioning whether they are really that good. To me they haven't been playing like the winner they are. The Pirates are in second and are keeping up like a sneaky cat lying in wait. Truthfully I look for their demise in the second half. On paper the Reds are the better team and I think it is just a matter of time for them to reach second place where I think they will end up. The Brewers on the hand have played well but me thinks they are not going to catch anyone sleeping.

AL North
Montreal has taken everyone in the division by surprise I think. I said they were contenders in my opening analysis and I believe they will stay in first.  The Twins hold second place at the moment but 7 games back and the inability to win at home doesn't look like a winning combination for them. The Tigers look good on paper but just can't win, had a horrendous start they overcame but really can't sustain momentum. The Blue Jays and their new stars just aren't gelling but there is next season when they will.  Maybe they need to see Dr. Scholls.

NL East
The Mets have sneaked their way to a two game lead. For those in the know, this is probably the best Mets team ever assembled here but play like their predecessors. I thought at the beginning the Braves were still the team to beat but are experiencing the problem of not winning at home which doesn't bode well. The Fabulous Fillies are playing better than they really are so don't get your hopes up. The Colonels don't get any chicken wing jokes, they just aren't playing to their potential and a dismal 13-26 at home doesn't help their cause in the least.

AL East
Red Sox fans are fortunate they are in first place by two games. Haven't actually seen an entire division under .500 in a long time here at this stage of the game. One day it is Dover the next it is Boston. Baltimore looks out of it one day and then in the thick of things the next. What will happen here seems to be who gets hot and when, flip a coin..oh wait will have to be I Ching. The Senators are under-performing on offense but letting Castilla go to FA may have been a mistake.

NL South
Florida Marlins looked like they were gonna run away with the division and the #1 seed before halftime but the common struggle at home has kept them within reach. Mexico City has struggled to get to second place and keep their hopes alive. Houston was rather lively at the beginning of the season but the brutal punishment of the season has taken its weary toll I think. The Cards are better than their record indicates maybe but they are not ready to compete with their brethren.

AL South
The Royals are being a pain as I foretold but I really expected them to have more than a 5 game lead at this point. Tampa Bay is probably playing better than they should in all reality, look on the bright side, RJ has a winning record. Most thought that the Texas TardTankos was gonna play dead this season. News Flash: that rumor was false and a wild card spot is still the hot item on their agenda. The Heads look forlorn as things just didn't pan out the way they were suppose to.

NL West
Los Angeles Dodgers looked to run away with things early like the Marlins but have come back to earth. Arizona is the surprise to me, are they playing over their heads or are they actually that good. Me thinks they are that good. The San Francisco Giants are good if you ask me but may need some luck before the season is over. The Padres have actually made a couple delightful moves that have made them streaky and dangerous.

AL West
The Halos had their wings clipped from their early start and only hold a 3 game lead.
Colorado Springs had a season start they would like to forget and it looks like they have put it behind them. Seattle kept pace early but has been pulling back slowly. Helena has some very cold pockets as the microwave is on the fritz.

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