Wednesday, May 29, 2013

International Signings and Other Stuff

Things have been rather quite, so finding something to write about hasn't been easy.

Eduardo Martin signed a bonus of $9.9M to play for the Phillies. Looks to be a 1B in the know. Could be a light powered OBP machine at the plate. Hard to find a 1B that could be your future lead off hitter. I like the possibilities.

Diego Medrano hit the market with Texas as he signed for a $7.8M bonus check. For a Setup B type he seems a little pricey for the quality I am seeing. For that kind of moolah one would expect Closer material. Then again my scouting could be wrong and going with gut instinct and his age.

Alex Rojas wrung $5.5M out of Seattle. Not sure where he might end of playing but I doubt it will be 3B, inclination is RF. Good eye, plausible splits, short on contact but could have whopping big power. Make up seems greatly bland to amount to much however.

Gorkys Sanchez is buying a new house instead of redecorating with the $5.4M check he got from Texas. Think he could be a cheap addition to the pitching staff if things work out.

Joseph Fujiwara signed with the Twins for the near rock bottom price of $2.7M.  I wasn't impressed all that much with his ability as a 1B but could suffice maybe. Has very good contact and splits at the plate with some power as his eye could be an iffy product. My estimation is that he may wind up as a DH in the end and with the lack of power was a major turn off to most in the AL.

The Mets have been rather coy about signing International prospects but have spent most of their prospect budget on them this year and it was a very slim budget to start with. While other teams eyes have been diverted, the Mets have swooped in and caught a couple surprising prospects. Well, they really don't amount to much or do they? I tend to pay for Internationals as to where they might fall in the draft with a thin budget.

Our latest acquisition was Julian Maduro for $1.6M. I know he probably doesn't look like much but my scouts tell me he might be an end of rotation starter one day. So my thinking was this, I gave up my 1st round pick (23rd) for a FA. I actually saved 300K for the replacement. I went back and looked at my draft board that I never ranked and looked things over. Chances were pretty good I would have selected Lou Brown who was selected 30th. The only other player in my top 10 that was available was DJ Kennedy and I didn't think highly of his scouting report and was drafted 31st. I am hoping I got value in the end for the pick I gave up.

Tony Mendoza was also picked up for near nothing, $730K. Not sure he will pan out to be defensive SS or not but my Low A needed a boost after the injury bug hit them hard. I equate him to a possible supplemental pick in the draft to a late 2nd round pick.

Fernando Castro might be another surprising theft according to my scouts anyway. He might be equated to a late supplemental or an early 2nd round pick.

Juan Olivo may not have been anything to celebrate about on signing him. The only reason was to bolster the rookie team with a little power which he has provided and his defense has turned out well also. For $390K, wasn't really a value pick as he was probably a 8th round pick at best.

Getting a catcher for the Rookie League can be a tiring expedition so I that is one of the first things I look for in the International market. This season that responsibility found its way onto Frank Martin shoulders. Not bad for $50K and the fact he may have went in the 12th round at the earliest.

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