Sunday, April 10, 2011

AL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Mariners: Preseason favorite and the #1 ranked team who would have thunk it?
2. Helena Hot Pockets: Second best record so they are deserving, will a late season melt down occur again?
3. Anaheim Angels: Staying hot on Helena's shirt tails waiting for the melt down.
4. Atlanta Braves: So they lead the East..umm big deal at the moment.
5. Washington D.C. Senators: 17-9 at home, now to win on the road.
6. Kansas City Royals: King Bart is at it again but the rest of the team is mediocre.
7. Toronto Blue Jays: Never count the Blue Jays out.
8. San Diego Padres: Not a surprise to me.
9. Detroit Tigers: Winning record despite being ownerless for a while.
10. Boston Red Sox: Best hitting team and one of the worst pitching staffs so far.
11. Dover Dung Beetles: Hitting is escaping.
12. Colorado Rockies: Hitting isn't the problem, no brainer-Coors and pitching
13. Little Rock Heads: Surprise team in the standings but can't let that go to their Heads.
14. Tampa Bay Rays: Letting me down once again.
15. Texas Rangers: Hitting is great, pitching is another matter.
16. Minnesota Twins: Rebuild to suit.

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