Friday, April 8, 2011

EMSN International Report

True Luck Duck reporting live for Little Rock where the talking Heads have just announced a major International signing. Pablo Solano is the newest Head and probably the cornerstone to which they will build their organization around. What do the Heads get for their $22M future? Maybe a Gold Glove 2B and MVP if things pan out and possibly SB champ to go with those honors, he has the capability. There will be plenty of talk in the future of who had the best signing between him and the Yoshii. My money is on Solano at the moment because he can play a more justified position. This signing breaks a record for this World as there has been three $20M plus bonus babies signed this year. With six bonus babies already signed over $10M, it will only take a couple more to exceed the record set in season 8.

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