Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Mets Opera

The Mets were on a tear for awhile getting themselves back into contention in the NL East. Winning 10 of 12 from the AL South caused spirits to run high as they positioned themselves to possibly make it to .500, but alas the Brewers and Dodgers ended that dream. With back to back series with Houston, Pittsburgh and Florida, that seems like a pipe dream now and the cellar awaits once again.

On the bright side, our first round draft pick signed. Hip Hip Hoorah! (that gets lost in translation a bit, but sounds real exciting in baritone) He currently became the highest paid draft pick at $5.75M, we think he is well worth it.

Defensively we are one the best, a firesign trait. Though we have noticed unsolvable problems here and there.

Offensively things are a mixed bag. 78 games into the season and still haven't figured out the best lineup. Consistently inconsistent is the best way to describe things. Even in the 10 game win streak, hitting wasn't what you would call robust or consistent.

Pitching has been funny. Just like the hitting, pitching has been consistently inconsistent. Damaso Espinoza is the most hard luck pitcher I have seen. 8 quality starts in 15 tries with two wins, 2 complete games and a 2-9 record. One of the complete games was a 1-0 loss.

So it goes on, the teams play is decent, but the inconsistency is driving me bonkers. Of course the only way to combat the problem is to get better players. With the remaining budget left for prospects, we are quickly driving the price up hoping there will be a good prospect we can get our hands on at the end of the season that fits our needs. Either that or we spend it on our second round pick.

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