Friday, April 22, 2011

The Mets Opera

It is All-Star break and it is time to analyze the organization. The last 20 games has been an embarrassment to say the least. I was expecting to win a couple of those games but they just slipped right on by. I was hoping to have 41 or 42 wins at the break. Now I am just not sure how the rest of the season will unfold. The way we are playing, 70 wins is a pipe dream and 63 might be tough. This team is better than it looks. Maybe we can muster some wins against the after All-star break division slug fest.

C - Gary Stanley has been handling the pitchers to the best of his abilities IMHO. His backup sucks, but that is beside the point. Nothing in the minors to help either.

1B - Tomas Guerrero hasn't been stellar at all. Less than adequate at 1B and horrible against right-handed pitchers.

2B - John McInerney stats look bad all the way around. Our feeling is that he was brought to the majors too soon. We think after this season with a decent rollover he could be elite at his position. He should be batting lead-off but his durability says otherwise at this time.

3B - Daiki Xaio has won this positions contest. He isn't a great hitter but plays the position the best.

SS - Tomas Trevino isn't a superstar by any means but is having a great season and was awarded with an All-Star appearance.

RF - Kirby Priddy was Mr Met at one time but those were the days and they are numbered. Gets a good bye tour for the rest of the season.

CF - Abdul Riggs has played CF well and has been pretty good at the plate also.

LF - Rodrigo Cerda has won the job when he isn't on the DL.


Pascual Zapata hasn't performed well at all and will join the unemployment line next season.

Jay Richard hasn't performed well enough to justify his big contract and will find himself in that unemployment line next year also.

Pedro Johnson actually needs more playing time and will probably get it soon enough. Was going to make him the everyday 3B but need someone to back up SS and 2B and he can't do all three.

Dan Radke has really surpassed our expectations. He could be a ROY candidate but may not make the list because we can't find a position he plays well. So now he plays 1B in place of the ineffective Tomas Guerrero.


Most of the problems with pitching is due to the limited amount of offense generated. For the most part they are talented enough but get few breaks.

Minors Watch

Anibal Bennett might be wild but could have potential in the pen.

Jarrett Tobin was found lurking around on the inactive list for 2 years, not sure why. Might make a RF out of him yet.

Ted Maxwell is destined to be a star we think. It will take some more time but is getting there.

Harry Rodriguez is on our watch list at least. We are not sure whether his control and pitches can mask his horrible splits.

Hi A
Carlos Mesa will be great at 3B in our opinion if he stays healthy.

Leo Rodney was our #1 pick, of course he is on the list along with everyone else. We started him out in Rookie ball were he did great to our thinking. He just didn't fit in with the team and opponents wouldn't pitch to him.

Low A
R.J. Bellhorn is upset he didn't make the All-Star team and I agree. He is a lefty however and I detest them but RJ has a chance to make me rethink that position.

Anderson Henley did make the All-Star team just because. We are watching but not sure he actually has what it takes.

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