Monday, April 11, 2011

The Mets Opera Draft

Mets fans will be delighted to know that we took the best player on the board with our first pick. It was a real toss up between Leo Rodney and Wilt Pagan for a while as to which would be #1 and #2 on our board. In our minds, we didn't expect either one to be on the board with the fifth pick. After much discussion, we wanted Rodney because he is already capable of playing at the major league level. Plus he has something we seriously lack in the lineup, power. Wilt slid all the way down to 6th on our board as a result.

Mike Jakubauskas made it all the way to our #2 slot as we thought he was the best pitcher on our board, though their were several with better overall ratings. We think he will be a bullpen star one day. Falling to the sixteenth pick was a surprise. As for starters it was our feeling that Elrod Cedeno was the best pitcher available. O.T. Kirk just didn't appeal to us. A.J. Rooney just didn't have the pitches for us to make him a top prize. However, if Tom Anderson was on our board it would have been a much tougher decision to make.

For those wanting to know, Joshua Callaway and Clark Parrish were not on our board and we know nothing about them.

Esmerling Pujols taken at #46 in the supplemental has potential but it might be a long shot. Otis Dickerson taken in the second round has ML potential for sure but wants #1 pick money to sign. Ok, so he wanted to be drafted in the first round and became one of those iffy picks. He makes it a paradox, offer the money hoping he doesn't sign or hopes he signs and turns out to be great. It is gonna be a wait and see effort on our part as we will see what happens on the IFA front.

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