Thursday, April 28, 2011

The NL Foretold

How has the preseason predictions held up so far? With 56 games to go anything can still happen.

NL North

Pittsburgh Pirates: With an 18 game lead they are plundering their way to a top 3 seed as predicted.

Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds: Both are duking it out for second place. Currently 12 games back of the nearest Wildcard doesn't help their chances very much.

Chicago Cubs: I thought they were in rebuild at the beginning of the season. Their owner had a different perception but alas they are as bad as I perceived them to be.

NL East

Philadelphia Phillies: It took them a while to get in gear but haven't looked back once they took over the division lead as predicted.

St. Louis Browns: They had a hot start then went cold, maybe all the rain put their fire out. When I had them, they stayed in contention until the end before they fizzled.

New York Mets: 70 wins was a lofty goal but is still doable and next season may not be much better, it is gonna take some time.

Baltimore Orioles: Somehow I figured they would be much better.

NL South

Florida Marlins and Houston Astros: It might come down to the final series before a definite candidate rises from the ashes. I still think the Florida veteranship outlasts the young guns.

New Orleans Zephyrs and Mexico City Diablos Rojos are having a tussle staying out of the cellar.

NL West

Salem Super Sequoias: I figured they would have a 10 game lead by this point. Instead they are barely holding their heads above water in first place.

Los Angeles Dodgers: I didn't expect them to be only 1 game out at this point. Remember, I couldn't choose between them and the next.

San Francisco Giants: I really thought they could be right there with the Dodgers, I am sadly mistaken so far.

Arizona Diamondbacks: They are getting better and it is only a matter of time. Chances of a non 100 loss season looks very good and that is a start in the right direction.

So far the season has gone pretty much as predicted with little fanfare. 5 out of 6 in the prediction market, may not finish in my exact order as predicted.

NL Season Surprise: Los Angeles Dodgers
NL Season Disappointment: Milwaukee Brewers

Leading NL Manager of the Year Candidate: dylandash

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