Sunday, April 17, 2011

EMSN International Report

Linda Loo reporting from Cubs headquarters in Chicago where a major signing has just been announced. David Manzanillo was signed to a MLB contract for $16.7M and three years. The Cubs immediately threw the 23 year old to the wolves as he joined the ML club to start his career in the States. Chances are great that the Houston Astros will find out how good he is on todays first pitch as he is expected to lead-off in the Cubs lineup. Some Cubs were not rejoicing as he immediately becomes the best SS in a Cubs uniform.

Range: A
Glove: B+
Arm: B
Speed: A

Plate awareness: B+
Power: C

Medical Info: B-

Notes: His stats will improve but not by a large margin and should turn into a quality SS. His health is of main concern.

True Luck Duck reporting live from the sunny Caribbean beaches (job has its perks) where scouts and owners are going gaga (not Lady Gaga ) over Tomas Ordonez, a hard hitting 1B. Rumors have circulated that his signing bonus has already exceeded $10M.

Range: A
Glove: A
Arm: C
Speed: D

Plate awareness: B-
Power: B

Medical Info: B

Notes: Nothing really special as far as a quality power 1B.

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