Thursday, April 7, 2011

EMSN Special Report

Linda Loo reporting live from Mexico City where the Diablos Rojos win on a walk off home run in the bottom of the 14th. The real story is of course about Dale Stevenson. At the ripe age of 31 made his major league debut late last night. After 10 plus seasons in AAA with the Mets organization and finally gets the call to join the big league club must have been a huge surprise. His debut was remarkable, one he will cherish for a life time. It wasn't just an ordinary 18 pitch relief stint either. 18 pitches, one walk, facing 10 batters, spanning 3 full innings is a remarkable feat in anybodies book. He was speechless and walking on cloud nine. His comments, "The pitching coach told me to throw strikes, so I did. Phelps told me to pitch around Saez, I did. Always listen to the catcher, he knows. It is a dream come true!"

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