Monday, April 18, 2011

EMSN International Report

Linda Loo reporting live from the beaches of the Dominican Republic in place of True Luck Duck who is in the hospital with food poisoning err alcohol err for what ever. Two new Internationals have been signed after lengthy tryouts. By the way, I have found out why you don't interview prospective players on sandy beaches wearing my wicked weasel.

The first is Javier Amaro, a pitcher whose next stop is with the Helena Hot Pockets. A nice kid with octopus arms and nice splits but let me tell you he left with a gooey hot pocket as his control is definitely an issue. Maybe a few months of Helena pasture hospitality will calm him down.

Control: D
Splits: C+
Pitches: C-
Medical: Clean

Notes: For $5M a definite gamble.

Next up was Pedro Lopez who signed for $6.5M, who is the newest oompa loompa for the Boston Red Sox. He didn't have the staying power and only got to 3B but it was a hell of a ride for awhile.

Fielding: C+
Plate Awareness: C+
Power: C
Contact: D+
Medical: Clean

Notes: Nice arm but the accuracy is a little bothersome getting to 1B. has a good eyes for the ladies but tends to strike out a lot.

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